A warning from the Chief Medical Officer

The Chief Medical Officer has warned that we are facing perhaps our most serious moment yet in the battle against coronavirus, and has called on the British public to play their part by continuing to stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives. 

  • Our NHS in some parts of the country is currently facing the most dangerous situation anyone can remember, and if the virus continues on its current trajectory, many hospitals will be in real difficulties very soon. NHS staff are doing their absolute best, but even they have limits.
  • The British public have made an extraordinary effort so far. Of course, we are all tired of restrictions, but we need to find the collective strength to get through the critical stage and save as many lives as we can. The message is clear: to drive the numbers down, we must stay at home as much as possible. Every unnecessary interaction we have could be the link in a chain of transmission which has a vulnerable person at the end.
  • These restrictions will not last forever. Vaccines and new treatments offer us hope and a clear way out, but we cannot afford to let our justified optimism for the future come at the expense of difficult action today. By following the rules, we will save lives and help normal life return more swiftly.


Jim said…
More propaganda.

Chris Whiteside said…
At this moment there are two-hundred and seventy people in hospital in North Cumbria with COVID-19.

This is putting our local hospitals under more pressure than they have ever been.

That situation is replicated around the country - in fact in the majority of the country the situation is even worse.

If I was trying to spread party-political propaganda I would not be publishing statements like the original post or this comment about how bad the situation is.

The statement by the Chief Medical Officer, and the post reporting it, were not propaganda, but an attempt to get the message home that we all need to minimise social contact and maximise our use of precautions like washing our hands, covering faces, and keeping space or we will cause avoidable deaths.
Jim said…
78,000 people in the UK die from smoking every single year. Yet right now when a gym has to shut a tobbaconist is classed as "essential".

keeping those open is causing avoidable deaths.

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