May I wish everyone reading this a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year 2021.

A word on the cards and messages I have been sending out over this holiday sason.

This year I sent out a mix of physical and e-card Christmas cards on the basis that there were people to whom I wished to send Christmas greetings for whom I had a postal address and no email address and others for whom the position was vice versa.

I note that so far just under 50% of my Christmas e-cards have been viewed, which is certainly enough that it was worth sending them. However, it appears that I may have a number of date email addresses and it may also mean that others may have thought that the genuine e-cards I was sending were SPAM. Goodness only knows I receive enough malicious and harmful email which is "spoofed" to look like it comes from people I know (but doesn't) that I can understand people not opening genuine messages for fear that it may be unsolicited marketing or worse, virus-infected.

If you and I have exchanged emails recently and you get a Jacqui Lawson Christmas card or New Year's card from me it is very likely to be genuine, and the website which sends them certifies them as virus-free.  I have just sent out my new year's e-cards by email, and I also posted a New Year card on my personal Facebook page. For the benefit of anyone who might both open the email and look at my Facebook page, I used two different cards in the email and the Facebook post.

Repeating the hope that everyone who sees this or gets any of these messages a happy and healthy COVID-free New Year 2021.


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