Labour MP forced to apologise for false accusations

 A Labour MP has been forced to apologise and delete a series of tweets that falsely accused a Tory minister and his family of jumping the queue for the coronavirus vaccine.

Dr Rosena Allin-Khan made the public allegation against Nadhim Zahawi on Twitter on Saturday evening despite acknowledging she had only heard “rumours” and did not know if it was true.

She later pleaded with people to “avoid throwing unnecessary attacks” at Zahawi who is the minister in charge of the Covid vaccine rollout in the UK.

A later tweet which was also deleted, apologised for causing a “pile on”.

In the early hours of this morning (Sunday 4th January 2021) Dr Allin-Khan was forced to issue an apology to Zahawi and his family for “sharing unsubstantiated claims.” She wrote

"I have deleted my earlier tweets which were inappropriate and wrong. I regret sharing unsubstantiated claims about the Minister and I apologise to him and his family."

Zahawi acknowledged the apology and reiterated that the claims were “not true”. 

He added: “We all need to work together to beat this awful disease.”


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