Nearly 1.5 million people vaccinated

Nearly a million and a half people have now been vaccinated in Britain with at least the first part of a vaccine approved following extensive clinical trials. 

The number of vaccinations per head of population in the UK is fourth in the world (after Bahrain, Israel and the UAE) which is a testament to British science, as we are leading the world from the front in science, research and development.

So far the number of people vaccinated is

 1.26 million people in England,

113,000 in Scotland,

49,000 in Wales,

and 46,000 in Northern Ireland.

So altogether, nearly 1.5 million people across the UK have now received their first dose and within 2-3 weeks all of them will have a considerable degree of immunity.

Hundreds more vaccination sites are being set up across the country in a rapid acceleration of the UK vaccination programme. 

Yesterday, GP sites started rolling out the vaccine – and the Prime Minister has confirmed that, by the end of next week, there will be 1,000 GP-led sites providing vaccines, 223 hospital sites, seven giant vaccination centres and a first wave of 200 community pharmacies.

Taken together, these should have the capacity to deliver hundreds of thousands of vaccines per day by 15 January – and it is our plan that everyone should have a vaccination available within a radius of ten miles.

The aim is to have offered a vaccine to every elderly care home resident by the end of January.

The government is introducing a National Booking Service to help make the process of booking and accessing an appointment easier for those offered a vaccine in the coming days, weeks and months ahead.


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