New vaccination Centres open

Today the first seven NHS Vaccination Centres opened around the country, helping to accelerate the rollout of our vaccine programme so we can protect the most vulnerable and save lives.

  • Through the vaccine delivery plan, some 2.6 million doses of  Covid-19 vaccine have been given to about 2.3 million people. The government and NHS are working flat out to ramp up this rollout to protect the most vulnerable from this virus. 
  • That is why today seven large scale NHS Vaccination Centres opened. These will be able to deliver thousands of the life-saving jabs each week, and will take the total number of vaccination sites across the country to around 1,200, including GP-led and hospital services, by the end of this week.
  • These new sites will help us to deliver vaccines to everyone in the top four priority cohorts by the middle of February, saving thousands of lives and helping us start to return to normal in the future.


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