Quote of the day 10th January 2020

“If there is one absolute iron law in politics, which has applied, does apply, and will apply in any political system created by the human race, it is this.”

“There will always be a conservative faction — and it will always be powerful. In fact, except in times of revolution and great upheaval, it will usually tend to be dominant.”

“When I say ‘conservative,’ I am not referring to any particular political philosophy. I am using the term in lower case, so to speak. I am referring to the basic attitude of most people that unless conditions are intolerable it is usually better to err on the side of caution.”

(Eric Flint - speech given to a character in his novel "1636: the Ottoman onslaught."

It may perhaps add some context to this speech to add that Eric Flint describes himself as a socialist and the character to whom he gives this speech is also on the left. The speech is made by a radical reminding her fellow radicals that there may be issues that conservatives are right about.

It is also the case that intelligent conservatives, whether with a upper or lower case 'c' at the beginning, should equally recognise that no political philosophy has a monopoly of wisdom and people on the left may occasionally get things right too.)



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