Vaccination update

Last night, the government published the largest vaccination programme in British history, outlining how it is planned to vaccinate tens of millions of people by spring – saving thousands of lives and providing a road map back to normal life. 

But this does not mean we can be complacent and everyone must continue to stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives. 

  • Thanks to the hard work of our NHS and British science, we have started our country’s largest ever vaccination programme. The next few months will present a significant opportunity for us to turn the tide of battle against Covid – saving thousands of lives and starting us on the road to normality. 
  • Under our new programme, by the end of January, everyone in England will be within 10 miles of a vaccination site or have access to the vaccine via mobile teams. This programme will allow us to deliver at least two million vaccinations in England per week by the end of January and with all residents and staff in over 10,000 care homes across the country will be offered a vaccine by the end of the month.
  • This will be made possible by rapidly expanding our programme including;

    • over 80,000 health professionals
    • over 200,000 additional members of the public expressing their interest in helping with the non-clinical elements of the rollout 
    • a total of 2,700 vaccine sites – including 206 hospital sites, 50 vaccination centres and around 1,200 local vaccination sites - including primary care networks, community pharmacy sites and mobile teams
  • Through this vaccination programme, we can bring more reassurance and hope back to people’s lives after a difficult year. If we all continue to play our part, staying home, protecting the NHS and saving lives while the vaccine is rolled out, we can slowly begin to return to the normality we are all looking forward to.


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