Quote of the day 14th June 2021

"If we scamper down a rabbit hole every time a new variant comes along, we are going to spend a long time huddled away, so we do need to keep a bit of balance to the discussion."

(Sir John Bell, Regius professor of medicine at Oxford and an immunologist, quoted in yesterday's Sunday Times leader, "It is time for the country to talk realistically about risk.")

For the avoidance of doubt, putting this quote up is not a coded attack on whatever announcement is made today about whether to delay the end of the remaining restrictions. 

It is meant to be exactly what Sir John was calling for - an appeal for balance. 

The government said they would be driven by data not dates and I hope they will be - and will avoid the mistake of either paying too much attention to those who would drop all restrictions tomorrow no matter how high the risks or those who would keep us all locked up, wearing masks and avoiding contact with one another no matter how low the risks. 


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