Wednesday, July 07, 2021

A ten-year strategy for life sciences

Today the government set out a bold new ten-year strategy for Britain's life sciences sector, building on the success of the Vaccine Taskforce to deliver life-changing innovations for patients as we build back better. 

  • Britain's life sciences sector has been a beacon of hope over the past year – developing life-saving vaccines at remarkable speed to secure our route out of the pandemic – and we need to build on this success.
  • That is why the government has  today published ar new Life Sciences Vision, which will be led by representatives such as Dame Kate Bingham, and which sets out seven critical healthcare missions that government, industry, the NHS, academia, and medical research charities need to work together on to solve – from cancer treatment, to tackling dementia, and sustaining our position in vaccine discovery.
  • This strategy will help to deliver life-changing innovations to patients, as well as securing jobs and onshoring manufacturing as we build back better and healthier from the pandemic.

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