Thursday, July 08, 2021

Penny Mordaunt on the 'delusional and divisive' SNP

The SNP in general and the first minister in particular are brillant at taking the credit for everything that goes right in Scotland and blaming the UK government for everything that goes wrong. 

That ability, and an egregious skill deployed by far too many SNP politicians at stirring up division and hatred, are almost the only things they are any good at, building a false narrative of competence when in fact they are far and away the most useless of any of the UK administrations.  . 

Scotland deserves better

One ability which Boris Johnson has and the SNP don't is the ability to learn from his mistakes: it was a mistake to drop the excellent Penny Mordaunt MP from the government in 2019 and a very good move to bring her back as Paymaster General in 2020. 

In response to an SNP debate this week Penny Mordaunt made this barnstorming speech dissecting some of the many failures of the SNP government of Scotland.

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Jim said...

That's a tough one, boris is terrible you are right, but wee Jimmy Crankie just nails it I think.

A lot of them need to look at Gareth Southgate. That's a leader. Though the Scots don't like him much either.