Thursday, July 08, 2021

Quote of the day 8th July 2021

I make no apology for the fact that today's "Quote of the day" is extremely similar to another comment made by the same person at about the same time which was part of a quote I used a few days ago. This is urgent enough, both for the national NHS and our own health services here in Cumbria, that we need to focus on this problem.

"As a fresh set of eyes coming in, the thing that shocked me most was the huge waiting list and the number of people that did not come forward because of the pandemic. 

We estimate there’s some seven million people that did not come forward to the NHS to be helped with things like cancer, with heart disease. Think about the deaths that have been sadly caused by that."

(New health secretary Sajid Javid speaking on Radio 4 on Tuesday of last week, source and comment in the Spectator here.)

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