Project Gigabit in Cumbria


Yesterday the government announced more rural premises will be connected with lightning-fast broadband and a new satellite broadband trial, using new technologies to get the UK better connected.  

  • Access to lightning-fast broadband unlocks jobs and opportunities across the country but for too long rural communities have been left behind. 
  • That is why – as part of Project Gigabit – the government has awarded £108 million to Fibrus to reach 60,000 rural premises across Cumbria. This comes as we also start trialling satellite technology to bring high-speed connections to the most hard-to-reach parts of the UK. Today we also announced we are tripling the value of gigabit broadband vouchers so premises can get almost £4,500 to cover gigabit-capable connection costs. 
  • This will mean tens of thousands of rural homes and businesses can benefit from faster connections as we develop new technologies to deliver for households across the UK. 

This is a Conservative government initiative. I am writing about it as a Conservative activist. In the interests of full disclosure, I should declare that I am also an Openreach employee. I have not taken any official part in any national or local government decisions to allocate funds or award contracts under Project Gigabit. All information in this post comes from government or Conservative sources and does not necessarily represent the views of BT or Openreach.


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