More appropriate accomodation for asylum seekers

This week the government announced announced plans to cease using more than fifty hotels currently accommodating asylum seekers in the coming months, as we continue to make progress in stopping the boats and securing our borders.  

  • Taxpayers cannot be expected to foot the eye-watering bill for the use of hotels to accommodate individuals making illegal, dangerous, and wholly unnecessary small boat crossings. 
  • Our strategy to stop the boats is working. With small boat arrivals down more than 20 per cent on last year, we can now start to restore these hotels to their rightful use for local communities. The first fifty hotels across the UK will stop housing asylum seekers by the end of January and asylum seekers currently accommodated in these hotels will be moved to other parts of the UK’s asylum estate, including the Bibby Stockholm barge. 
  • We remain absolutely determined, through the Illegal Migration Act and our Rwanda partnership, to dismantle the smuggling gangs’ business model and stop the boats. 


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