Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Labour Headline Competition

A headline in The Times today has inspired me to run a competition on this blog over the next two weeks.

The headline was "Iraq war could be judged a disaster, Beckett admits."

So I challenge anyone who wants to take part to submit similar headlines consisting of a statement of the blindingly obvious with an appropriate Labour minister or former minister admitting that things could be seen that way. You can send me an entry by putting down a comment or at chris4copeland@btinternet.com

The funniest entry sent to me by 4th November will win a prize, details to follow,

Some suggested examples to set off your imagination ...

"Taxing pension funds by an extra £5 billion a year could be judged to have left them with less money, Brown admits."

"Claiming that your communications officer has resigned when he hasn't could be called 'lying', Byers admits."

"Telling students that you won't introduce student tuition fees or top-up fees, and then doing so, could be judged a broken promise, Johnson admits."

"Telling prison governors to shoot their inmates could be called 'Bonkers', Blunkett admits."

"My relations with Gordon Brown have sometimes appeared to be less than cordial, Blair admits."

"As minister for council tax, people might have expected me to pay my own, Prescott admits."

"Hinting at peerages in exchange for donations of millions of pounds to Labour party funds might be seen as unethical, Blair admits."

"Not everyone agrees that the NHS has had its best ever year, Hewitt admits."

Any more ?


Anonymous said...

My wife Pauline is devastated that I told her about the wrong woman, admits Prescott.

Chris Whiteside said...

Thanks, Geoffrey. Entry noted and accepted.

Anonymous said...

Seems because I seem to be the only entrant does this mean that I have won Chris?

Chris Whiteside said...

I did actually extend the deadline to the end of November. You are in the lead at the moment !


Anonymous said...

Have I won now?

Chris Whiteside said...

Yes - can you remind me of your current email so I can send you your prize.

Anonymous said...


Have a nice Christmas.