Sunday, October 22, 2006

We're not dead yet !

Much soul-searching on Conservative Home over a report by the "Unlock Democracy" campaign which was reported as saying that the Conservative Party has "died off" in the north of England. (The actual words used were that the Conservatives "barely exist" in the North based on membership figures - although there were similar challenging comments about Lib/Dem and Labour support in many areas of the country.

I would like to see a wider range of people taking more part in politics in all three political parties. One of the things which I like about David Cameron is that he has tried to open up the Conservatives to a wider range of new blood, and although this has unfortunately sometimes been taken as an attack on the existing membership and on those people on the candidates list who happen to be white males, it is quite possible to try to bring in more new blood without wanting to devalue the contribution of those we already have. We want more people involved, not different people.

And it certainly has not been my experience since returning to the North West two years ago that the Conservative party has "died off" here. I'd like to see us win more parliamentary seats, but we have very large numbers of councillors and a lot of very good people.

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