Saturday, October 14, 2006

Support our local Ambulance service

I had reason today to be extremely grateful for the efficiency and professionalism of staff at both the Cumbria Ambulance service and West Cumberland hospital.

An elderly member of my family suffered a nasty fall outside our house today, and hurt herself sufficiently badly that I called 999. The paramedics were there in at most five minutes, did an excellent job of initial first aid, and took her to the West Cumberland A&E. She is being now being very well looked after on one of the wards at the West Cumberland, which she described to me this afternoon as the friendliest hospital she has ever been in.

Thank God we currently have a hospital somewhere much nearer than Carlisle, an efficient ambulance service, and excellent people working in both. I suggest that all residents of West Cumbria should look very carefully indeed at both at the proposals for our local ambulance service which were covered in the Whitehaven News this week and at the future of our local hospital services, and be ready to campaign to make sure these local services are maintained.

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