Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Digital TV Switchover: Phase 1 tomorrow

And 29 days until the switchover completes.

The beginning of the end for analogue terrestial TV broadcasting in Britain will commence in a few hour's time in the Whitehaven TV area. In the early hours of 17th October the BBC2 analogue signal will be switched off. The Border TV signal will move to the current BBC2 frequency. A new Digital signal for BBC2 will begin.

Four weeks later, on November 14th, the remaining analogue TV signals will be switched off and replaced by Digital broadcasts.

The Whitehaven TV area covers most of Copeland, except for those who get their signal from the Bleach Green transmitter at Parton, the St Bees transmitter, from Caldbeck, or those south of Muncaster who get their signal from various other transmitters. Those viewers will not go digital until 2008.

After each analogue service is switched off, viewers will only be able to receive that channel using either a digital-ready TV or a set-top-box.

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