Thursday, October 11, 2007

Never glad confident morning again

Brown made a bad mistake, not necessarily because he didn't call an election, but because he allowed it to look like he was about to do so abd then bottled.

He made a worse one by not being frank about it, or about the fact that he was stealing Tory clothes on inheritance tax and on tax for Non-Domiciles.

He made a worse mistake still by losing his temper with David Cameron at Prime Ministers Question Time yesterday.

I was expecting the papers and comment on the internet to be bad for Gordon Brown today, but they have been even less favourable to him than I expected. Bloggers who post on sites like "Political" and who are usually staunch Labour supporters have been crucifying Brown today.

It did remind me of the comment on MacMillan when he sacked a third of his cabinet but emerged a weaker rather than a stronger figure: "Never Glad Confident Morning Again."

It doesn't mean that either the Brown premiership or the New Labour government are finished, unfortunately. But they will have to do better than this, or they will lose, and lose big time, when an election is finally called.

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