Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Copeland BC Acounts

The public are entitled to know that the expenditure of their money by the council is properly checked in an open and transparent manner, and that this is done in a reasonable timescale and at reasonable cost.

The public is also entitled to know that reports to councillors and the public about the council’s accounts are accurate.

I am very concerned by a number of issues around the council’s accounts, including the delay in closing them despite very large sums of money spent on external help, the impact of these costs on the council’s financial position and potentially on council services, and on issues around the accuracy of at least one report to councillors.

It is important that councillors should have the opportunity for an informed debate about how this situation arose, how we can resolve it, and how to prevent the council getting into this position again. This debate needs to be characterised by an open and honest assessment of the facts.

To push for such a debate I, with Conservative colleagues have tabled a motion for the next meeting of the full council.”


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

when is the next full council meeting?

Chris Whiteside said...

Sorry, but I cannot leave the first post up. I understand why the person who submitted the first post has legitimate reason to be cross at wrong information being given in a council report - and I am also concerned about it, and have said so both to the Chief Executive and at a council meeting, and don't intent to let the matter go. However, the form of words used exposed me as the author of this blog, and not the person who submitted the post, to risk of a libel action.

The next full council meeting is a week on Tuesday - 29th July at 2pm. Check the venue - there is a possibility that it is in another part of the Borough, not the usual venue in Whitehaven.

Chris Whiteside said...

The next full council is indeed away from in Whitehaven. It's in Millom School at 2pm on Tuesday 29th July