Monday, July 07, 2008

Feedback from Gosforth and Ennerdale Forum

I attended a meeting of the Gosforth & Ennerdale Neighbourhood Forum this evening at the Methodist Hall in Gosforth.

The first item on the agenda was a presentation from the leader of Copeland Council, Elaine Woodburn who spoke about "Managing Radioactive Waste Safely - A Local Perspective" and took questions.

There were a number of comments from the floor about the need to make sure that any discussions with the government about new arrangements for nuclear waste are organised in a way which permits complete transparency and open debate, and that fully opportunities for consultation with affected communities should include better communication with parish councils.

There was also a presentation by Caroline Watson, Public Transport Officer, Cumbria County Council speaking on "Rural Wheels", a community transport scheme that provides door-to-door transport when required and at a reasonable cost. This scheme may be immensely helpful to people in rural areas of Cumbria who do not have their own transport: more details can be obtained from the Rural Wheels Service at Cumbria County Council by phoning 01228 606721 or emailing

John Bragg, "Our Green Space" Project Officer gave a talk about the restoration and interpretation of the two village greens at Wasdale Head and Nether Wasdale and the celebration of their heritage and culture. He also handed out a guide to making more use of green spaces. More details are available from the Friends of the Lake District website at but in fact the "Rural Greens" project operates throughout Cumbria and not just in the Lake District National Park.

"Any other Business" included details of the consultation on proposed telephone box closures (see recent posts) concerns about threats to local doctor's surgeries (see immediately previous post), plus information on electric blanket testing and Cumbria in Bloom"

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