Thursday, March 18, 2010

Andy McNab backs the Conservatives

Bravo Two Zero hero Andy McNab, who voted Labour in 1997, has now decided to publicly back David Cameron's Conservatives. After talks with David Cameron, he told the Sun newspaper: "Without doubt, the Tories are the future. I'm impressed by Cameron and the straight answers he gave to my questions.

"I believe he does get the Forces and what they need. And I think he has the will to see Afghanistan through.

"Now is not the time to go wobbly about the war."

David Cameron responded: "Andy's backing means a huge amount to us.

"Defending our country is the first responsibility of any government.

"For everything they are doing for us in Iraq and Afghanistan, I want to see the concerns of our Forces and their families far higher up the agenda than they are at the moment. With Andy, we have got someone who has been at the sharp end and who has a huge understanding of what our Forces need."

You can read the whole Sun article here.


Tim said...

Murdochracy strikes again !


Chris Whiteside said...

As if you would hesitate to quote something in the Murdoch press which supported your party, Tim.

The mother of an ex-serviceman, who has voted Labour all her life up to now, told me on the doorstep last night that she is seriously thinking of switching on much the same grounds as Andy McNab.

Our servicemen and women deserve a better deal.

Tim said...

I don't have a party !

None of the main stream parties will be getting my vote. Don't assume when you clearly don't know !

Chris Whiteside said...

Don't insult our intelligence, Tim. If you were supporting any party, mainstream or not, and the press published a significant endorsement for that party, you would publicise it.

Verb. Sap, if you don't want readers making assumptions about your politics, you might consider using a different handle, even if it's only a minor change like adding the first letter of your surname. Many bloggers believe that the name "Tim" is used on that site for posts by Labour HQ staffers.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Andy McNab, the 1 who left all his buddies to save his own neck, you must really look harder Chris. You and the tories know nothing. Mrs T has bigger balls the the rest of you put together.

SixtySix said...

Real change will only come when people like Andy McNab have the courage to stand up for real change, the kind of change Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems offer.
See "Andy McNab forgets his Roots" at