Power cut in Whitehaven

Woken this morning by our burglar alarm going off because of a power cut covering part of Whitehaven.

We were without power for about two hours.

It is extraordinary how you don't realise how used you are to having something available (in this case electricity,) and how dependent you are on it, until it is taken away for a while.


Jim said…
very true.

Also, as power cuts are rare these days, its really daft how simple things take you aback.

for example last time we had one, i thought no problem. I will have a cup of coffee using the gas stove!

first problem of course is lighting the stove as you forget the electric clicker thingy does not work, so you find a lighter. it's early morning so you also use a candle for some light to see where the coffee is.

then, for some reason, it comes as a total shcck when you open the fridge for the milk, and the light in there does not come on.

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