Sunday, November 24, 2013

Aussies get the last laugh at the Gabba

During the first day of the first Ashes test at Brisbane,  the Aussies tried taunting and insulting Stuart Broad and he responded by taking five of their wickets.

Unfortunately from an England perspective, though not perhaps from that of a true cricket lover, the Aussies then wised up and realised that the best way to get revenge would be to play really good cricket.

All credit to the Austalian side, and to Mitchell Johnson (9 wickets for 103 runs) in particular, for some really great play. They won convincingly.

Better luck to the England squad for the rest of the tour: they have been written off before and come back to win!


Jim said...

the story on the radio going to work this morning was all about an aussie saying "get ready for a broken arm" which is to me just simply a bit of "physiological" banter between players, but then i heard he got A heavy fine for threatening language, i think that is a very harsh judgement indeed, no need for it, trying to physiologically disadvantage your opponent is really a part of any sport, and its quite clear that there was never an intention to physically cause harm.

Sorry i forget the names of the players involved, as you know I am not exactly a big fan of cricket.

Chris Whiteside said...

I suppose that because cricket is a game in which broken ribs and arms can easily happen for real as a result of the normal course of play, the authorities feel that they must keep "sledging" and insults within some degree of due bounds.

Must say that if I had taken it to the authorities every time someone threw an insult at me which if taken literally could be interpreted as a death threat, let alone a threat to inflict ABH, I'd have kept them quite busy.