Monday, November 25, 2013

On blaming others and excusing oneself ...

Three closely related thoughts today.

The first is today's quote from C.S. Lewis to the effect that we are all liable to be too ready to make excuses for ourslves and not ready enough to accept them for others.

The second is a piece on Conservative Home by Charlotte Leslie, MP for Bristol North West,  which you can read  here, about "false victims" and how those at the centre of a scandal are often quick to present themselves as the victims.

The third is a quote I saw on twitter yesterday attributed to from Trevor Kavanagh, columnist and former political editor of The Sun:

"Politicians of all parties have seedy secrets, but Labour cry loudest when theirs are exposed."

I think Ed Miliband's actions yesterday, when he was interviewed in The Independent on Sunday accusing the Tories on the front page of that newspaper as being "In the gutter" and David Cameron of demeaning his office over the facts which have recently been published concerning  former Labour councillor and Co-op bank chairman Paul Flowers, is a good illustration of all three of those things.

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