Friday, July 05, 2019

Cohen on Corbyn

Interesting piece by Nick Cohen in the Spectator here. on whether there might be a leadership challenge to Jeremy Corbyn.

It includes this trenchant assessment of the Labour leader and how the left has presented him:

"I do not mean to offend religious readers with delicate sensibilities when I say the left turned a dim, elderly backbencher into the socialist equivalent of Christ. They made him a messiah sent to save us from neo-liberalism, and cried in pain as he suffered for our sins at the hands of the mainstream media, the establishment and, well, the Jews. 

Corbyn plays the victim card as if it is the only card he has left. 

‘The rich and powerful are so worried about a Labour government redistributing wealth and power that they’re stepping up their attacks on me, those close to me, my staff and our movement,’ 

he tweeted last week."

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