Monday, July 22, 2019

Hypocrite of the decade

As Guido Fawkes reports, former Prime Minister Gordon Brown has opined on the Conservative leadership election.

Let us not forget that he obtained the position of PM when Tony Blair stepped down, not only without a General Election but without even a contested Labour leadership election, by getting such a high proportion of Labour MPs to nominate him that it was almost impossible for any rival candidate to be nominated.

Apparently Mr Brown has told an audience at the IPPR ,

“More people voted for Ed Balls on Strictly than for our next Prime Minister.” 

I do not claim to know who will be declared the winner tomorrow, But whether or not Guido's assumption about who wins is correct, I concur with the rest of his response:

"Tens of thousands of Tories will have voted for Boris to become leader. The country made the Tories the biggest party and in Britain’s system of democracy that gives them the opportunity to form a government. 

Precisely zero people voted for Gordon Brown to become PM because his thuggish reign of terror scared off any opponent in his party from standing against him. Unbelievable hypocrisy…"


Jim said...

Yes, that irony has not been lost. Nor have the memories of being so democratic he instigated a commons vote so he could sign the Lisbon Treaty without a referendum, even though doing so went against a manifesto promise made by his predecessor, and the second he thought there was a chance he would not win it, ended his premier ship with the "election that never was".

Though until Demand 3 of Harrogate is met, there is always an argument that the PM has not been elected.

DEMAND 3 : Separation of powers:
The executive shall be separated from the legislature. To that effect, prime ministers shall be elected by popular vote; they shall appoint their own ministers, with the approval of parliament, to assist in the exercise of such powers as may be granted to them by the sovereign people of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland; no prime ministers or their ministers shall be members of parliament or any legislative assembly;

Jim said...

Oh, and we also don't forget that having forced with whips the commons to allow the Lisbon treaty with no referendum. He then showed he had no guts, made some excuse to go to a committee, and send David Miliband to do the deed.

Chris Whiteside said...