Beware of ice and glare if you are out and about this morning

 Do please take care if you have good COVID-regulations compliant reason to be out and about this morning as there are two significant hazards - ice and glare. Especially if you are driving, or are crossing roads,

It takes ages to clear a windscreen properly this morning and you may well  need to clear it of ice  both inside and out but it is essential to do so. Not only for the obvious reason that you would always need to be able to see clearly when driving, especially when you have to watch out for ice.

But also because the combination of a very low and very bright sun this morning meant that the risk of drivers being temporarily blinded by sunlight and unable to see where they are going is as bad as I can ever remember and a serious hazard to themselves and other road users.

So if you do have legitimate reason to use the roads this morning, please take great care.



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