From Darkness to Light

An image and a story which I missed at the time of Holocaust Memorial Day but have now picked up courtesy of the Jewish Chronicle's website.

This image shows the outstretched arm of 93-year-old Holocaust survivor Hershel Herskovic as he received his life saving coronavirus jab from a British army medic in the same arm which 76 years ago he received his prisoner number tattoo at the Auschwitz death camp.


The picture was posted online by his son David, who tweeted it with a quotation from the Torah (Old Testament,)

“And I will redeem you with an outstretched arm”. 

and the theme for this year's Holocaust Memorial Day commemoration, "From Darkness to Light."

Mr Herskovic, who lost seven siblings in the Holocaust, survived concentration camps and death marches in the 1940's and then last month, coronavirus.

 The soldier who vaccinated him, Private Maddy Oliver, told David, “Your dad is such an amazing man and has been through so much. I think it was just inspiring and it was so lovely that I got to vaccinate such a lovely man.” 

David Herskovic told the BBC, “We think about the difficulties and the terrible tragedy that has befallen many people but yet there is plenty of hope and light in it, just as my father has always said, that there is light in his darkness.” 


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