Protecting and enhancing our natural envoronment

The Dasgupta Review has been published today, setting out the ways in which Britain should account for nature and biodiversity in economics and decision-making, so that we can leave the environment in a better place than we found it. 

  • This review was commissioned by a Conservative Chancellor. The Dasgupta Review was set up to show how to protect and enhancing our natural environment and demonstrates that doing this needs more than good intentions, or slogans, or knee-jerk reactions:  it requires intelligent, concerted and co-ordinated action.
  • This year is critical in determining whether mankind can stop and reverse the concerning trend of fast-declining biodiversity. As co-host of COP26 and president of this year’s G7, Britain will make sure the natural world stays right at the top of the global agenda. We will be leading by example: the policies in Britain to build back greener from the pandemic will be those set out in the Prime Minister’s Ten Point Plan as previously described on this blog here.
  • The government will now examine the Review’s findings, and has made clear that protecting and enhancing our natural assets, and the biodiversity that underpins them, is crucial to achieving a sustainable, resilient economy.


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