Quote of the day 7th February 2021

“For an independent Scotland to be better off inside the EU, independence must destroy a sufficiently large share of Scotland’s trade with the rest of the UK that the EU becomes Scotland’s most important trade partner. However, the more independence reduces trade, the greater its economic costs.

“In other words, for rejoining the EU to be economically desirable, independence itself must bring substantial economic costs.”

"So let’s get this right. One, the entire independence rationale is based on rejoining the EU. Two, there is absolutely no guarantee or timescale attached to that objective. Three, even if and when achieved, net benefits from EU membership would depend on “destroying” much of what we have at present, two-thirds of our trade being within the UK."

(Quote from the LSE report on the economic costs of Scottish Independence, taken from an article about the report in the Scotsman by Brian Wilson, with the paragraph from that article which followed.) 


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