Safer buildings

Today MPs debated a non-binding Opposition Day Debate motion on the removal of dangerous cladding from buildings - an incredibly important issue to which the government has committed £1.6 billion and on which they are working closely with buildings owners on to see that it is removed as quickly as possible to keep people safe and let them move on with their lives.

  • Since the tragedy at Grenfell Tower, efforts have been made we to ensure people are safe in their homes.

  • The government has made £1.6 billion available to pay for cladding to be removed and is working closely with building owners to ensure this is done quickly. Alongside this, the biggest changes in building safety in a generation are being introduced along with new laws to ensure people’s homes are always safe.

  • These commitments will drive up building safety standards and make people’s homes safer, while protecting those least able to pay from having to foot the bill.


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