Vaccination doses in Britain pass the 10 million mark

OVER 9.6 MILLION PEOPLE people have received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine so far across the United Kingdom

Britain has administered more than 10.1 million vaccination doses across the country, which included 931,204 vaccinations last weekend alone - that's 1 in every 60 adults in the whole of the United Kingdom vaccinated in a single weekend. 

We have now vaccinated almost 9 in 10 of all those over 80 in the UK, and more than half of those in their 70s have now received a vaccine, so Britain is on track to meet our target of offering the top four priority groups a vaccine by mid-February. 

Every eligible care home with older residents in England – 10,307 in total – has been visited and vaccinations offered to their residents and staff, a vital milestone in our ongoing race to protect the most vulnerable against the disease. 

Only two countries, the United States and China, have vaccinated more people than the UK. We are also one of the leading countries in the world for vaccinations per head.. 

Britain's vaccination programme has now secured early access to over 400 million total doses of vaccines for 2021 and 2022, including the additional 40 million vaccines doses from Valneva ordered this week. 

This was done to ensure a range of protection if not all the vaccines ordered had been proved to be affected. Britain will not be hoarding vaccines: once we have our own people protected we will be offering supplies to other countries in need.

We will have the Oxford-AstraZenca vaccine manufactured in Oxford, Staffordshire and Wrexham; the Novovax vaccine made in Teesside and the Valneva vaccine, subject to approval, produced in Livingston, Scotland – a great example of what we can achieve together as one United Kingdom. 

Scientific evidence continues to mount that these vaccines will protect people's lives and ultimately offer a way out of the pandemic, lockdowns, and the economic devastation the virus has caused but we must continue to follow the guidance for a little longer to protect ourselves and others.

Remember, when you have had the vaccination, it does not immediately make you invulnerable and can take two or more weeks to provide protection.



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