Transport Connectivity

Today the Prime Minster set out his vision to level up transport connectivity across our United Kingdom so that we can better connect and strengthen our nation as we build back better.

  • The government is committed to the deepest possible integration of the four nations of the United Kingdom, so that businesses and individuals have the infrastructure they need to trade, travel and do businesses across the whole country.
  • That is why the government is exploring the creation of a UK Strategic Transport Network, backed by an initial £20 million, that will enhance connections between the nations of the United Kingdom across road, rail, sea and air, reducing bottlenecks and boosting growth, and will consult on reforming Air Passenger Duty to boost domestic connections. 
  • As we build back better from COVID-19, it is more important than ever that we level up every corner of our great country in a way that brings us closer together.


Anonymous said…
Whitehaven residents roll-up for your jab at Blackpool COVID Vaccination Centre, it's only 53.8 Miles away.
Anonymous said…
This is a 'world leading' system that produces results that Blackpool is only 53.8 Miles away from Whitehaven - maybe it is in Boris's private helicopter.
Chris Whiteside said…
Is that what the online booking system offered you?

I was offered Ulverston by the online booking system, which was a bit strange. I thought it might be a bug in the computer system, so I tried the telephone service instead.

I rang 119 and managed to speak to a very helpful lady who offered me an appointment in Workington, so I booked an appointment there, and hopefully will have that job in three day's time.

I was also able to booked my second jab appointment on the same call, and that is scheduled for June.

If you cannot get a sensible appointment offer from the online system, ring the telephone COVID vaccination appointment line, dial 119. They are open to 7am to 11pm, seven days a week, and I found them very helpful.

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