Number of doctors and nurses in the NHS reaches a record high

Latest figures show that the number of doctors and nurses working in our NHS is at a record high - on track to deliver on the Conservative manifesto promise of 50,000 more nurses in our NHS by 2024.

  • At the last General Election, the Conservatives promised to deliver 50,000 more nurses for our NHS, to be achieved by increasing recruitment by 31,000 and improving retention 19,000. This will ensure the NHS can continue to provide world-class care into the future. 
  • We are delivering on that promise, recruiting 6,300 more doctors and 11,200 more nurses for our NHS over the last year, and so on track to deliver on our manifesto commitment to get 50,000 more nurses working by 2024.   
  • In building our NHS back better, we will ensure patients continue to receive the care they deserve as we deliver the life-saving vaccines that will secure our path back to freedom.  


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