More doctors and nurses in the NHS in England than ever before

We have a record number of doctors working in the NHS in England, the highest-ever recorded level at 124,078. 

We also have a record number of nurses working in the NHS in England, the highest recorded level at 304,542.

Announcing this, Health secretary Matt Hancock said a "Huge thank you to the whole NHS team."

It's worth pointing this out because among the charges that have been made by opponents of the Conservatives at every UK general election since about 1979 and most by elections is that if the Conservatives win we will destroy the NHS, privatise the NHS, sell the NHS to the Americans or at the very least cut the NHS and numbers of doctors and nurses.

The Conservatives have won eight of those general elections and we have not abolished the NHS, sold it to the Americans or cut it - real spending on the NHS has been increased by more than the amount cited in the silly slogan on the side of a certain red bus, though the money has come from taxpayers. As for privatisation, if you mean out-sourcing, the Conservative-led governments since 2010 have increased it more slowly than the last Labour Health Secretary, Andy Burnham (now mayor of Greater Manchester) did.

And on the subject on which I had to put up with the largest single number of unjustified accusations of lying in the comments pages of this blog and my Facebook page during the run up to and aftermath of the 2019 general election, the Conservative manifest commitment to increase the number of nurses, we promised to increase the number of nurses and we are increasing the number of nurses.


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