Addressing low pay, continued

 As the Chancellor said (See my Quote of the Day this morning, yesterday's new jobs figures showed that the proportion of workers on low pay has halved since this Conservative government introduced the National Living Wage, showing the progress we have made in giving people the opportunity to access better paid jobs.

  • The UK, like economies across the world, is facing economic pressures, but thanks to a strong workforce our economy is resilient and we are making progress on our priority to halve inflation.
  • New figures released yesterday show that a fifth of people were on low pay in 2015 but now it is a tenth thanks to the introduction of the National Living Wage. Unlike Labour, who have never left office with unemployment lower than when they started, only the Conservatives can deliver more, higher paid jobs we need.
  • We know the best strategy is a jobs strategy – giving people the security of higher in-comes as we work to halve inflation, grow the economy and reduce debt.


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