Future proofing Britain's AI skills base

This week the government announced the UK’s AI skills base will be future-proofed with a £118 million boost to skills funding, building on our world leading approach to secure the safety of AI so British people can reap its benefits. 

  • The UK is leading the world in ensuring the safety of AI and harnessing the technology to transform many aspects of our lives for the better. 
  • That is why, ahead of the UK-hosted AI Safety Summit, we are investing £118 million in AI skills. This includes naming, for the first time, the 12 Centres of Doctoral Training in AI and funding 15 science and technology scholarships at some of the UK’s world leading universities. 
  • This investment will mean that British people can reap the benefits of AI whilst we develop the next generation of researchers needed to seize the transformational benefits of this technology. 


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