More funding for early support hubs

The government is announcing extra funding for Early Support Hubs, helping children and young people receive better mental health support as we stick to the long-term plan to make our healthcare system faster, simpler and fairer to ensure a brighter future for all.

  • Every child and young person should have somewhere to go if they are struggling with worry, anxiety or stress, and early intervention is paramount to prevent more severe problems from developing. 
  • That is why the government is investing a further £3 million to expand the number of Early Support Hubs to improve access for children and young people to vital mental health support and offer early interventions to boost wellbeing before their condition escalates.
  • This comes on top of an additional £2.3 billion of funding a year to transform and expand mental health services in England, as we stick to the long-term plan to invest in children and young people’s mental health to build them a brighter future.


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