Defending Britain in an insecure world

Yesterday, the Prime Minister delivered a speech outlining the big challenges that we face in a period of global instability but emphasising that by sticking to the plan we can make the most of the opportunities and create a secure future.

  • Yesterday The Prime Minister outlined a vision for how Britain can succeed in a dangerous, yet transformational era. He made clear that the key choice at the next election will be of who can keep Britain safe. 
  • By sticking to the plan through boosting defence spending to 2.5 per cent of GDP by the end of the decade, supporting Ukraine in their fight against Putin’s illegal invasion, and continuing to produce defences at home, we are creating a more secure future. 


Jim said…
Yeah, he talked a lot about having a plan. But he never actually said what said plan is. There were a few 'red markers' in there too such as " we must be prepared" rather than we are prepared. So really for all the talk of plans his plan seems to be to come up with a plan.

I really dont think that's enough.
Chris Whiteside said…
I've put the full text of the speech up, as well as the link.

It was a broad brush speech, but there are a lot of specific actions, such as an explicit commitment to spend 2.5% of GDO on defence by a specified date - unlike Labour - and a decision to build six more ships for the navy.

Plus the largest ever aid package for the Ukraine.

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