Keane Duncan for Mayor of North Yorkshire

There are elections tomorrow for Police Commissioners, or in many cases including Cumbria, for Police, Fire and Crime Commissioners.

My life is currently split between Cumbria in Yorkshire and when in Cumbria I have been campaigning for Mike Johnson who for the last year, as Deputy to the retiring Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, Peter McCall, has been overseeing the integration of the Cumbria Fire service into the updated organisation. 

The fire service in Cumbria used to be part of the County Council but when Cumbria CC and the six districts were replaced by two unitary authorities, it made far more sense to put the fire service under the Police Commissioner as the remaining elected official with a Cumbria-wide remit, than split it in two or have a stand-alone fire authority. Mike would be a superb Police, Crime and Fire Commissioner. 

In many places there are also, or instead votes for directly elected regional mayors. Two people seeking re-election who have been doing a fantastic job are Andy Street in the West Midlands and Ben Houchen in Tees Valley.

And North Yorkshire is voting for a new Regional Mayor for the first time. This new role comes with a devolution package with more than half a billion pounds which presents vast opportunities to tackle the strategic issues facing North Yorkshire. (A similar package could have been available to Cumbria and the former Labour and Lib/Dem leadership of the county council let the people of the county down badly by not going for it.)

I am campaigning for Keane Duncan to be elected tomorrow as the new Mayor of North Yorkshire. Here are some of the things he stands for:


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