Expanding patient choice

Today the government announced a plan for the largest expansion of patient choice in a decade, giving patients faster access to treatment and allowing them to decide when, where and how they access care as we stick to our long-term plan to cut waiting lists. 

  • As we work to cut waiting lists, empowering patients to take control over their own healthcare is a key part of our plan for the NHS. 
  • Today's announcement is the largest expansion of patient choice in over a decade, as we allow patients to choose when, where and how they access non-hospital treatment including podiatry, hearing aid care and some diagnostics tests, with pilots launching in the autumn.
  • This will improve outcomes and make life easier for patients. By sticking to the plan Rishi Sunak and the Conservatives have cut waiting lists by around 200,000 since September, helping patients get the care they need more quickly, while by comparison in Labour run Wales patients face the worst A&E waiting times in Britain and over a quarter of the population are on a waiting list, showing Labour would take us back to square one. 


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