Saturday, January 17, 2009

Just when you thought it was safe to turn on the TV

Digital switchover returns ...

Many people in Whitehaven and other areas of Copeland who were affected by the switchover of the TV signal from Analogue to Digital in 2007 will remember it as an expensive and annoying business, which went much less smoothly than all the national media hype suggested.

Most of the rest of North Cumbria, including the Keswick and Cockermouth area and the remainder of north and central Copeland, will be affected by the same process this summer when the Analogue TV signal at Caldbeck is turned off.

And some bad news for those who thought they had been through all the pain in 2007: when they switch the Caldbeck, Parton and St Bees transmitters from Analogue to Digital only service over in June and July this year, they will also be adjusting some of the channels for those of us who have already gone digital, so that the government can claim some frequency capacity back.

It's still not sorted out but it looks probable that some of those whose TVs were affected before will have to re-tune their set-top boxes again, and I have been told it is also possible that we will lose some channels.

I fear it looks likely that this will not be a simple process. Much more on this issue to come in later posts.

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