Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sack corrupt Lords - Cameron

David Cameron has called for a change the law so members of the House of Lords could be stripped of their peerages for breaking new anti-sleaze rules, in an article in the Independent which you can read here.

DC promised to bring in a raft of measures to repair what he called Britain's "broken politics" and said that the Lords scandal was a symptom of a government that is "making decisions convenient for themselves rather than the people they are supposed to be serving".

"It is completely unacceptable behaviour; we need to make sure it is properly dealt with," said Mr Cameron, who described as "pretty chilling" the transcript of Lord Taylor of Blackburn's remarks to undercover reporters from The Sunday Times posing as businessmen offering payment for a possible law change. "It is pretty clear that this went well beyond the rules that exist," he said.

"We would change the law to make sure it is possible to suspend, exclude or expel somebody from the House of Lords who has behaved inappropriately. If there is evidence that the rules have been broken so flagrantly, action must be taken."

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