Sunday, April 25, 2010

More vandalism against posters

Offensive and obscene graffiti was spray-painted on Saturday night on the Conservative 8 by 4 posters at Holmrook.

We will again be reporting this to the police. A £200 reward, payable on the conviction of the culprits, has been offered by Copeland Conservatives for information provided to the police and leading to the successful prosecution of anyone defacing or damaging Conservative election posters.


Jim said...

This is a rather deprssing state of affairs. Criminal damage can not be tolerated, im sure if I told you I had been defacing other candidates posters you would, quite rightly, report me to the police. (I have not been by the way).

I do wonder what would it achieve?
what message does it send out about the people who dont support the policys of parties who have posters damaged?

If people wish to state an objection to a party then why not attend meetings, want to advertise, then design a poster and seek the correct permission to display it.

criminal damage to political posters can not be tolerated, regardless if you agree with the message or not.

Chris Whiteside said...

Jim, tht's exactly the point and I entirely agree with you.

Only fair to add that a number of Labour and Liberal people have told me how disappointed they are with the vandalism against our posters.

PC Plod said...

It was Jamie Reed wot dun it

Can I had 200 quids now?

Chris Whiteside said...

Far be it from me to defend Jamie Reed, but ...

It might be a little difficult to convince a jury that he has defaced posters from Keswick to Holmrook while lying in a bed at the West Cumberland Hospital!

Bill.P said...

So, it was obvious the BNP then Chris ? Narrowed minded to think it only could be the BNP or its supporters.

Let's suppose and please think outside of the box here Chris, it was someone of high standing in the community and/ or a school governor, who drives around in his wife's little red car with a bag full of spray paint (black)who thinks he"s a dab hand at graffiti, well he is very well educated so putting the three words of the BNP would be very easy for him.

Ok Chris, you"re doing well just a little bit longer.Now , lets say he was caught red handed and pictures taken.Then he cried like a little baby for me to delete the pics.

Yeah, its outrageous to think it could be the liebour party boot boys using black spray paint around Richmond and the hospital bus shelters and even your posters Chris.

Keep your £200.


Chris Whiteside said...

Bill, I challenge you to point to anything on this blog or anywhere in my public statements where I have I said that I thought it was the BNP.

I actually said at the count that I don't think any of the five other candidates were responsible. I don't rule out he possibility that rogue elements within one of the parties were involved but I have been careful not to point any fingers as to who did it in the absence of any proof.

One of the reasons I would like to see the real culprit(s) caught and convicted is to clear those who may currently be unjustly suspected.

If you really did photograph the person responsible for the Hensingham spraypainting, I think it's a great shame you didn't send the pictures to the police.