Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Social Action Day

Today throughout Britain Conservative candidates are making a change to normal campaigning and instead doing something positive for the community.

This won't be something we have taken up just for the campaign: it is something we have been doing in each constituency on a regular basis to support the community.

Here in Copeland, where Conservatives have regularly organised and taken part in clear-up and litter pick activities, we have organised two litter picks.

One will be in Gosforth, meeting at the Village car park at 10 am this morning

The second will be in Hillcrest, Whitehaven: meet at the play area at The Crest at 6.00 pm.


jim said...

nice job with the big society thing Chris,

And I do mean that Nice work.

It's brilliant to clean up Copeland, would have joined you if I was not working away atm.

anyway, back to the politics,

you have already won my vote by default, but you have not yet won my partners at all, or mine on policy, my partner works in the environment agency and is worried for her livelyhood, I need a promise from you that you will not cut jobs, I can accept that you will not fill vacancies, but I would like a promise you will not force unemployment upon her.

John said...

"This won't be something we have taken up just for the campaign" Of course it is! after the election we'll never see you on the streets until the next time there is an election.
However this is more than can be said for the labour labour party in our area.

Steve said...

Oh, don't worry, we'll keep Chris firmly grounded and make sure being an MP doesn't go to his head! You'll see plenty of him.

It was a good day's work which has really made a difference, particularly clearing up some of the very dangerous broken glass.

I was shocked by the amount of litter, but also by its content. The amount of cheap alcohol that people seem to be drinking in the play park is a disgrace, and living right behind it, I have to put up with the side-effects on the weekends. Something needs to be done about the easy availability of cheap, high-alcohol content drinks to young people.

While us picking up litter for a day is good, the root causes and their more serious, anti-social consequences need addressed.