Monday, May 24, 2010

Bransty and Habour Neighbourhood Forum, 25 May

There will be a meeting of the Bransty and Habour Neighbourhood Forum at Bransty Primary School at 7.00 pm tomorrow

Items on the agenda include

1) officers from Copeland Borough Council will give an update on Childrens Play Facilities in this forum area, namely the Bransty Play Park, Bleach Green on Victoria Road and the Skate Park in Whitehaven;

2) the Neighbourhood Police Team will update on action taken to deal with youth anti-social behaviour and minor damage at the Bransty Play Park;

3) Joanne Fearon, Head Teacher at Bransty Primary School, and members of the School Council will highlight their concerns re dog fouling especially on a route they take to the beach, their campaign for a safety barrier and ideas for play equipment at the school.

4) Community groups will make presentations to support their grant applications.

Everyone is welcome and light refreshments will be served.

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