Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Feedback from Bransty and Harbour Neighbourhood forum

Went from a school governor's meeting earlier this evening to the Bransty and Harbour forum.

The installation of CCTV cameras at the play area behind the garages on Bransty Row has been slightly delayed because of a mix-up with the equipment but is expected to be resolved shortly.

Dog fouling is a considerable concern in many parts of Whitehaven. Enforcement issues will be looked at: Copeland Council will also seek to replace missing or vandalised litter/poop scoop bins. If one of these bins has been stolen, broken, or otherwise sabotaged in your area of Copeland please let the council know.

Town centre parking and the unsatisfactory one-way system/traffic arrangements around the Valley area resulting in serious problems and traffic bottlenecks in Calder Avenue and Coach road remain issues of great concern to residents attending the forum. We are looking at the possibility of getting a special meeting of the forum set up with the new highway engineer to address this.

Other issues raised: arrangements to clean Whitehaven Harbour appear to have fallen down badly with the change to the new Marina company.

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