Monday, May 24, 2010

Climate Change and Global Warming

One consequence of the harsh winter the country has just gone through is that those election candidates who care about the environment were careful to talk about "Climate Change" rather than "Global Warming".

(Widely publicised failings in the scientific arguments which had been put forward for global warming also had something to do with this, although the balance of evidence that human activity is affecting the climate remains stronger than evidence in the other direction.)

I gather that the coming week is expected to see a return to more normal May temperatures after the scorching hot weather of the weekend just gone (and indeed today.)

I wonder how many more weekends like the last one it will take before it becomes fashionable to talk of "Global Warming" again? Not many, would be my guess.


The GreenO said...

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jim said...

"global warming" and "climate change"

both phrases over the last 10 years have translated as "great excuse to tax something"

also why is it that fuel prices are only linked to oil when the price of oil is rising??