Monday, May 31, 2010

New Conservative MPs make pro-nuclear maiden speeches

Hat tip to Conservative Home for pointing out that three new Conservative MPs used their first speeches in the House of Commons on Thursday to give strong support to nuclear power.

Damian Collins, the new MP for Folkestone and Hythe, explained his particular constituency, said that

"There is a great deal of support for nuclear power in my constituency. I am sure that hon. Members who have nuclear sites in their constituencies know that there is a good deal of support for them, because they generate a huge number of jobs and important support for the local economy."

Stephen Mosley, who gained City of Chester from Labour at the election, also added his pro-nuclear power voice to the debate, highlighting that Urenco’s uranium enrichment plant is based at Capenhurst in his constituency:

"Nuclear power is clean. It is a low-carbon source of electricity generation. We have secure long-term supplies of fuel. Modern reactors are incredibly safe, and it is a future technology in which Britain can still lead the world. Operators and owners of nuclear power stations have been jumping at the opportunities offered by the previous Government’s draft nuclear policy statement, and there are now 10 sites judged as potentially suitable on, or near to, existing stations. Those sites obviously have to be subject to the normal planning process for major projects, but the Government need to bring forward a national planning statement for ratification by Parliament as soon as possible."

Thérèse Coffey, who has succeeded John Gummer as MP for Suffolk Coastal, said that

"My diverse constituency also contains our beloved nuclear power station at Sizewell. I hope that we shall have many more reactors there — certainly at least two — before the end of the decade."

Three good ground rules for any new MP representing a constituency with many nuclear industry employees who is making their maiden speech, to ensure that he or she is in a position to represent their interests and be taken seriously

1) Don't make any silly jokes about being a Jedi

2) Don't make your maiden speech in support of a proposed law which you said as a candidate on the hustings was a bad idea, and

3) Do use your maiden speech to concentrate on supporting the nuclear industry.

I am quite certain that Damian Collins, Stephen Mosley, and Thérèse Coffey will be assets to the House of Commons and to their constituencies, and will be effective voices for the nuclear industry.

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