Thursday, November 08, 2018

Moorside: Trudy Harrison's statement

"A desperate situation, and not where we want to be. 

I have an urgent meeting with Richard Harrington, Minister for Nuclear on Monday to demand Gov now step in to deliver Moorside with serious partners ASAP. 

I want to pay tribute to Toshiba, Tom Samson and his team for their incredible dedication to Cumbria despite so many problems. 

NuGen has been thwarted by global issues but Moorside must be delivered."

Trudy Harrison MP


Anonymous said...

So much for the Free Market when Tory politicians are calling for the State to bankroll private businesses when they make commercial decisions they don't like.

Chris Whiteside said...

There's no such thing as a pure free market and no such thing as a pure command economy, outside the pages of textbooks.

All real world countries have some sort of mix or balance. All grown-up politicians and political commentators realise and accept this. It is getting the balance right that is usually the key to a successful and prosperous economy.

There is nowhere in the world where projects as vast and complex as nuclear power stations do not have significant involvement by the state.

Anonymous said...

Moorside makes no commercial sense. Taxpayers money shouldn't be wasted on it - enough is wasted at Sellafield as it is.

Chris Whiteside said...

We need baseload power. Renewables cannot supply it. Coal is far more damaging to the environment than nuclear power and relying on gas makes us far too dependent on imports which might have to come from Russia.

I do not believe that either nuclear or any other single source of energy should provide all our electricity but there are strong national security and energy security reasons to think that an element of nuclear power should be part of the mix.

Anonymous said...

Baseload is an outdated justification for nuclear, we need a flexible responsive infrastructure that can be quickly built and quickly decommissioned.

Chris Whiteside said...

What, several times a day or whenever the level of wind changes?

Forgive me, but the idea that we don't need any base load generating capacity is completely bonkers.